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Current Vendor Development Procedure

Vendors are invited to offer specific suggestion regarding rationalization of specification and test protocol of specific electric loco items within 30 days (upto 15.04.2023). The suggestion if any maybe sent on, and


Vendor Development Procedure

Amendmnet -II of WI No. CLW_MLAS_EL_WI_Rev.4 for Vendor Devlopment Procedure dated 13.05.2022

Amendment -I of WI No. CLW _MLAS_EL_WI Rev.4 for vendor Devleopmnet Procedure dated 12.05.2022

Work Instruction No. CLW_MLAS_EL_Rev.4 for Vendor Development Procedure dated 07.01.2022.

Vendor friendly new intiatives effective from 07.01.2022 :-

1.1 Vendor based (which was hitherto item based) registration shall  be done as a prospective vendor for one or more items (group of items) on the basis of firm’s complete infrastructure and manufacturing facilities (concept of item based registration discontinued w.ef. 0701.2022).

1.2 Firms need  to submit single application with complete list of infrastructure and manufacturing facilities available with them along with the list of items, for which the vendor is willing to get registered for manufacture.

1.3 Registration fee is to be paid only once along with the application form. Subsequently, no fee shall be taken from them, if vendor applies for reassessmnet of their unit for additional items/ change in work address/ upgradation/ amendment in M&P and testing facility or otherwise. This applies to approved as well as newly registered vendors.

2.1 Window of switchover from CLW to BLW and vice-versa will remain indefinitely open but limited to one switchover for an item by a vendor. Switchover can be done at any stage till issue of Provisional IC. Vendor may request switchover for all or any item for which it has been earlier registered/requested for registration as a prospective vendor.

2.2 For switching over, vendor will need to make an offline request letter to the PU where the vendor has intilailly applied for Registration with requsite fee.  The concerened PU will then forward the case to another PU as per request letter of vendor for which no fee is to be paid to another PU by the vendor.  

Download list for Common STR for Three Phase Electric Locmotive Items


Pro active action taken for Vendor Based Assessment


Timeline for Milestone Activity for Vendor Development 


RDSO has discontinued approval of class A foundry as per Railway Board advise for decontrolling various items For items where requirement of class A foundry has been mentioned in STR/specification/drawing ,the sub-vendor of class A foundry is to be proposed by the firm manufacturing the main item using component from foundry ,  giving clause wise compliance of requirement of class A foundry as per IS :12117:1996 or latest. Based on clause wise compliance as above, verification of the foundry premises of sub-vendor having class A foundry will be done by CLW. After verification by class A foundry as per IS:12117:1996 or latest, permission for procuring material from class A foundry of that sub-vendor ,as proposed by main vendor  will be given.  For class A foundry which already have valid RDSO approval, above verification will not be required.

Source : Welcome to CLW Official Website ! CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 10-08-2023  

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