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  1. Double check the rates indicated as the estimated rate of last purchase rate before signing the indent. Furnish the basis of this rate such as the last purchase order no., date, quantity and source.
  2. Indicate the estimated or last purchase rate in figures as well as words.
  3. While approving quantity on indents, ensure that the quantity is fully justified in relation to the asset(s) for which the procurement is to be made.
  4. Indicate quantity, both in figures and words on indents.
  5. Avoid indenting of items to surplus.
  6. Approving officials / indentors, mention their names and designations clearly on the requisitions.
  7. To plan procurement of requirement in advance considering the lead time of procurement and supply.
  8. Genuine and no. of likely suppliers should be certified by the indenting officer.
  9. All materials available in GeM, should be procured through GeM only.




  1. Do not fail to attest corrections in quantity last purchase between purchases and estimated rates and description of an indent.
  2. Do not issue a Proprietary article certificate for any item, unless you are fully and personally satisfied of about it. Please note that the issue of a proprietary article certificate attracts personal responsibility
  3. Do not submit more than one indent for the same item.
  4. Do not submit non-stock indents for a stock item except under special circumstances recording the reasons for the same.
  5. Do not generate artificial demands such as huge quantities at a time or quantities not used after procurement.
  6. Do not split quantities to place frequent demands.






1.       As far as possible adopt competitive tendering systems through Open tenders.

2.       Ensure that approval of competent authority has been taken for quantity and mode of tender.

3.       Even if the lowest offer is accepted still ensure that the rate accepted is reasonable.

4.       Be vigilant while having to decide on offers with small difference on all inclusive prices.

5.       Be vigilant about increase / decrease in prices, revision of taxes and duties while granting extension to delivery dates.

6.       Do maintain sanctity of tendering and tender evaluation.

7.       Do indicate the delivery schedule required clearly while forwarding the indent to help the procurement agency.

8.       Avoid delay in finalising tenders cases.

9.       Do properly assess and evaluate bids particularly special conditions offered by the tenderer.

10.     Ensure that the recommendation of all the members are included in TC minutes and there should not be any separate dissent note.




1.       Do not buy rate contract and running contracts items outside these contracts, except for special reasons to be recorded in writing.

2.       Do not accept offers with corrections un-attested by the tender opening committee members.

3.       Do not accept unsolicited offers without valid reasons, to be recorded in writing.

4.       Do not accept a higher offer without recording convincing reasons for passing over the cheaper offers.

5.       Do not extend delivery period for items whose market rates are falling without examining financial implications.

6.       Do not issue performance certificate to the supplier without competent authority's approval.






1.       Maintain receipt of material in Register daily basis.

2.       Check accountal of stores periodically & maintain all accountals properly.

3.       Write correct description of the material including its history in the ledgers.

4.       Identify the correct material and present the same during inspections.

5.       Clarify the discrepancies if any found during the check itself.

6.       Ensure the inspection clause is satisfied before accepting the materials.

7.       Make proper entries of released / unserviceable material in records for accountal.

8.       Ensure prompt disposal of all un-serviceable items as scrap.

9.       When the supply is rejectable, ensure that the rejection memo reaches the supplier within the stipulated time for Railway orders. If inspection is delayed, then it may not be possible to achieve this target.




1.       Do not accept a supply pre-inspected by agencies like RITES, RDSO etc. without checking the seals and the supporting inspection certificates.






1.       Ensure that reserve price is correctly fixed for each lot without fail before auction.

2.       Ensure that Lot inspection of the lots before inclusion in the auction is properly done.

3.       Adequate care has to be taken while effecting installment deliveries to ensure that the purchaser pays all dues before taking delivery.




1.       Do not allow fresh arisings to get mixed-up with lots already surveyed and ready for sale.







  1. Ensure competent authority's approval is obtained to condemn and sending the material to stores depots.
  2. Ensure proper assessment of quantity to avoid abnormal shortages or savings at the time of delivery,

3.       Avoid alterations / over writings / scorings on DS-8s.

  1. Insist for acceptance of NS-11 by Depot officers.
  2. Check for the quantities despatched and acknowledged by Depot officers.
  3. Ensure that scrap is returned to Stores in segregated condition.






  1. Check the material for quality & quantity received along with NS-11.
  2. Try to indicate the location of dumping of received material in the receipt register.
  3. Ensure that purchaser does not carry fresh receipts while taking delivery.
  4. Ensure proper inventory is taken for the lines whenever proposed for disposal as is where is basis.




  1. Do not allow fresh arisings to get mixed up with lots already surveyed and ready for sale.






  1. Ensure that lots of distinct nature are made as separate lots to avoid picking and choosing at the time of delivery.
  2. Ensure survey of lots wherever required before inclusion in auction catalogue.
  3. Avoid forming too big or too small lots, which hampers competition.
  4. Ensure that Lot inspection is properly done and lot No. is painted on the lot before inclusion in the auction.
  5. Ensure filling up of all the columns in lot inspection certificate without leaving any blanks.
  6. Ensure that lots are maintained in such a way that they cannot be changed by unauthorized persons before the delivery is completed.




1.       Do not allow fresh arising to get mixed - up with lots already surveyed and ready for sale.

2.       Do not allow the scrap merchants or other unauthorized persons to enter the scrap yard except strictly on business and under proper authorization.



Reserve Price and selling prices by auction conducting officer


  1. Ensure that reserve price is correctly fixed for each lot without fail before auction.
  2. Ensure that reserve price is well guarded.
  3. Ensure that Reserve Price is fixed correctly based on past rates and also based on the condition of the material being sold.
  4. Ensure that no bids are accepted below Reserve price unless reasons expedient are recorded.
  5. Write Reserve Price both in figures and words and avoid alterations.
  6. Ensure that the bids are competitive before giving acceptance.


Conducting of Auctions




  1. Ensure that auction catalogues are circulated to all prospective purchasers well in advance online.
  2. Ensure proper reasons are recorded whenever the lot is not sold in the auction.
  3. Ensure that the columns in the bid register are immediately posted with relevant details as and when lot is sold.
  4. Ensure that all modifications to auction terms are circulated before the auction.
  5. Except where specifically exempted, ensure that all lots put up for auction are surveyed by the Survey Committee.


Delivery of scrap to purchasers




1.       Ensure that the Delivery Order is properly released in all respects i.e. Quantity, payment of balance sale value, Free delivery period etc.

2.       Ensure that the interest and ground rent are paid wherever necessary before effecting the delivery.

3.       Ensure delivery is effected in presence of all witnessing officials.

4.       Ensure all weighments and deliveries are correctly recorded in the relevant register.

5.       Ensure that material being delivered is exactly the same as sold in the auction.

6.       Ensure that no other material other than sold is delivered to the purchaser.

7.       Ensure that the purchaser does not disturb the nearby material while taking delivery of sold lot.

8.       While giving installment delivery, ensure that the quantity being delivered is in proportion to the amount paid and that no extra material is delivered.

9.       Ensure that all the excluded items are collected from the purchaser, before giving delivery of condemned rolling stock.

10.     Bring to the notice of Depot Officer, if the contents of lot to be delivered are found to be significantly different from the description shown in the delivery order.

11.     Ensure that delivery is made in the permitted hours of working.




1.       Do not allow delivery of different lots by same batch of witnessing officials simultaneously at the same time.

2.       Do not club different lots having different materials while taking delivery on the pretext that transportation is convenient.

3.       Do not allow purchasers to pick and choose while arranging delivery of the sold materials.

4.       Do not allow sold materials to get out of the depot except under proper issue notes and gate passes.



Manipulations in Weighment facilities




1.       "Ensure 'ZERO' on weighing machine every day before commencement of delivery by weighment.

2.       Ensure that the weigh machines seals are intact.

3.       Ensure certification of weighing machines checked and certified by legal metrology department on due dates.

4.       Ensure that witnessing officials are accompanying the loaded trucks whenever outside weighment is allowed.

5.       Avoid segregation of lot while taking delivery and deliver in, as is where is basis.

6.       Ensure that large variations in the quantities are properly investigated.

  1. Periodical check up the weighing machine for same item in different weighing machine and note the variations.


Shortage and refund after the deliveries




1.       Ensure that shortage of material at the time of delivery is genuine.

2.       Ensure that the excess / savings of material at the time of delivery of material is promptly taken into ledgers.

3.       Ensure that the refunds are arranged promptly in genuine cases.

4.       Ensure that lots are promptly cancelled forfeiting the EMD wherever the purchasers fail to pay the balance sale value in time.







  1. Do prepare the tender schedules and unit rates with utmost care.

2.       Do ensure eligibility criteria be clear, precise and un-ambiguous not giving any scope for interpretation after opening of the tenders.

3.       Do ensure as a TC members, TC minutes are self-contained and self-explanatory.

4.       Do bring out the reasons in sufficient details in support while passing over / ignoring any lower offer" the TC minutes.

5.       Do ensure the reasonableness of rates of the recommended offer.

6.       Do ensure good workmanship by proper supervision at the Supervisor's as well as officer's level.

7.       Do maintain a proper record of all released materials and ensure proper accountal to avoid misappropriation / loss of such released materials.

8.       Do pass any bill of the contractor only after ensuring the inspection certificates of the supplied and ensure their accountal in DMTRs.

9.       Do ensure timely processing of bills for payment.

10.     Do ensure a complete reconciliation of all railway supplied materials as for the materials used /installed and recorded in the Measurement books and those materials returned by the contractor as un-used.

11.     Do ensure that the size of trench, the quality of materials and work is as per specifications while cable / pipe line in trenches i.e. depth, width, sand, bricks etc., should be according to the technical specifications, terms and conditions of contract agreement.

12.     Do ensure that correct size of foundations and the specified mix of concrete for all foundations.

13.     Do ensure variations (under the variation clause) do not change the scope, purpose and character of the original contract.

14.     Do claim damages from the contractor for the loss / shortfalls caused by the contractor and his agencies.

15.     Do follow strictly the laid down procedures before terminating any contract.

16.     Do ensure that no undue benefits are extended to the contractor.

17.     Do maintain site order books, field registers etc.

18.     Do avoid giving extensions at Railway's cost, if avoidable.      

19.     Do ensure refund of security deposit only after completion of successful maintenance period. 

20.     Do clearly stipulate in the tender schedule that materials are to be procured only from RDSO approved sources for those items for which RDSO approved list of firms are available.

21.     Do ensure enclosing a detailed material statement for every bill ( both on A/c and final) showing receipt of materials from the contractors, issue of materials to the contractor and departmental materials issued to the contractor / Railway staff spared for the work, consumption at site, balance returned to stores with particulars of challans Nos. DMTR entries etc.

22.     Do record the final measurements within 21 days after completion of work. If not possible, record the reasons.

23.     Do submit the final bill within 30 days to Accounts officer after recording the measurement 

24.     Do ensure the contractor takes enough care while doing the dismantling works in such a way that the released materials are intact and not damaged.

25.     Do ensure, for highly technical jobs, that the contractors have enough and capable technical experts / infrastructure.

26.     Do ensure proper handing over notes which should include the progress of works, sanctions, supply of stores including released materials, staff position etc. even at inspectors level.

27.     Ensure that the works is executed as per the schedule /drawing/specification in the Contract Agreement and drawing to be provided in proper time.




1.       Do not deliberately split the works to bring them within the ambit of powers of execution of works on quotation basis.

2.       Do not take part in the Tender committee if any of your relatives is one of the tenderers for the work.

3.       Do not forget to put a date under your signature. Absence of date may give rise to doubt about your motives in certain specific situations.

4.       Do not prepare inflated rate analysis to justify high rates ignoring the prevailing market rates.

5.       Do not execute additional quantities / items without prior approval of competent authority and without fixing up rates and do not make any provisional payment.

6.       Do not change inspection authority from RDSO / RITES to consignee.

7.       Do not make payment for non-operated scheduled items / works.

8.         Do not entertain correspondence from representatives of the contractors who are not authorized to do so.

9.       Do not leave any letter of contractor un-replied duly repudiating the allegations.

10.     Do not pass the contractors' bills without ensuring the proper delivery challans issued by the firm from where the contractor has purchased the materials.

11.     Do not allow a second contractor to start execution of a terminated work before recording measurements & preparing completion plan for the work already executed by the previous contractor. The measurements & completion plan should also be got signed by the new contractor as a token of acceptance.

12.     Do not order blanket freezing of amounts on terminating the contract.

13.     Do not terminate the contract when the work is in an advanced stage, without exploring the possibility of sorting out the difference.

14.     Do not waive LD without valid reasons.


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