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Personal, Accounts & Medical

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1.       Ensure that the Selection Committee is properly constituted i.e. Committee consists of two officers of the same department for which selection is held and one from Personnel Department. One of the Members must belong to the SC/ST category.

2.       Ensure that the number of vacancies is correctly assessed and finally approved, before a selection is held for selection posts.

3.       Ensure that the number of vacancies is not altered once the alert notice is issued.

4.       Ensure that the vacancies meant for other candidates and reserved for SC/ST candidates are clearly indicated while issuing the alert notice.

5.       Ensure that the answer sheets are handed over to the evaluating officer in a sealed cover immediately after the examination, after encoding.

6.       Evaluation of answer sheets should be in indelible ink and in no case should a lead pencil be used.

7.       As a Member of the Selection Board representing Personnel Department ensure that the correct procedure of Selection is followed.

8.       Maintain absolute secrecy in the printing and distribution of question papers.

9.       Ensure that all the members of the Selection Committee sign the evaluation chart prepared.

10.     While drawing the panels, as a rule arrange the candidates in order of seniority within each group of the candidates ( viz. OBC and SC / STs ).




1.       Do not nominate an officer in the Selection Board / Committees, if his name is borne on the Agreed list / Secret list.

2.       Do not change the constitution of the Selection Board / Committee for a Selection except when unavoidable.

3.       Do not increase the number of vacancies when the Selection process has started.

4.       Do not have the evaluation of Answer Sheets done by someone else unofficially, if you are nominated to evaluate the same in a selection.

5.       Do not use a lead pencil for allotting marks.

6.       Do not carry out alterations in marks by over writing or erasures.

7.         Do not be prejudiced while performing your duties due to pressure of any kind.

8.       Do not give marks for answers attempted in excess of the number of questions expected to be attempted by the candidate.

9.       Do not evaluate Answer Sheet without secret number.

10.     Do not evaluate Answer sheet with flyleaves.

11.     In objective type Questions, no correction of any type permitted, cutting, erasing, overwriting is not allowed.

12.     Do not forget to date your signature in the selection proceedings.

13.     Do not increase the marks once awarded to any question in the written test.

14.     Do not announce selection panels piecemeal except to the extent unavoidable.







  1. Ensure eligible family members / dependants as per Family Composition Certificate are only included in the passes / PTOs.
  2. Indicate correct validity date for passes / PTO's.

3.       Specific date upto which the son is eligible may be indicated, in case where the son is completing 21 yrs of age during the validity of pass / PTO.

  1. Ensure the eligibility of dependants included in FCC bears supporting documents, such as, income /residence certificate, status of the children of the widowed sister etc.




  1. Do not accept bonafide certificate for student sons who are doing part time studies and from unrecognized Universities / Institutions.
  2. Do not issue passes / PTOs including more than 2 dependants where the pass is restricted to 5 persons including dependants.
  3. Do not issue passes / PTOs more than eligibility for class / number of passes.
  4. Do not delegate the authority to issue passes / PTOs except with proper authority.







1.       Entries in the leave account should be made on closing of muster every month and before drawal of wages.

2.       All entries should be checked for its arithmetical accuracy.

3.       Half yearly credit entries should be made after ensuring that there are no without pay periods, necessitating 1/10th reduction in LAP credit.

4.       All credit entries and debit entries posted in the previous six months should be minutely checked and attested at least by a Supervisory official.

5.       Entries should be made in a chronological order and in a legible manner.

6.       Ensure the genuine corrections / over writings, if any, are attested by a proper authority.




1.       Do not keep leave account in piece-meal. It should be maintained in a book form.

2.       Do not open a new leave account, on the employee joining a new station / Unit - call for the old leave account and maintain the same

3.       Do not make any entries in the leave account with pencil as they are prone to alterations.

4.       Do not allow unauthorized persons to handle or maintain the leave account.

5.       Do not debit the leave which is not applied for and sanctioned by competent authority. Only sanctioned leave should be debited, else the wages should not be drawn.



Points To Remember In Management Of Railway Quarters


  1. No Railway quarter should be kept vacant and should be allotted immediately as and when falls vacant.
  2. Rent roll / quarters occupancy details should be immediately brought to the notice of Bill drawing officer for recovery of rent / HRA / Electrical Energy charges.
  3. Periodical reconciliation of records of pool - holders, custodians (SSE/W/Engg) and Bill drawing officer (SPO) should be done to find out, if any, cases of non-recovery of rent etc., existing.
  4. Occasional checks should be taken up by pool holders and Engg officials concerned to detect the cases of subletting and unauthorized occupations of railway quarters.
  5. Bill drawing official should take prompt action to recover damage rate of rent in the case of unauthorised occupation.
  6. Engg officials ( in-charge ) should make physical verification of railway quarters before signing the vacation / occupation memo.








  1. Check relevant provisions of Schedule of Power before initiating procurements.
  2. Retail/Local purchases of medicines should be an exception and not a norm.
  3. Do insist on scrutiny of the referred hospital bills before the same are processed for payment. This will provide you an opportunity to put a check on any exaggerated claims/bills.
  4. Ensure maintenance of stock registers for medicines, consumables etc. and make periodical checks for the same.
  5. Ensure exact item & quantity of supply of dietary item as per the contract.
  6. Follow rigidity the procedure regarding issue of sick /fit certificate and in case of a departure give specific reasons.
  7. Ensure staggered delivery of medicines at regular intervals in case of bulk purchase.
  8. In case of bulk purchase ensure staggered delivery of medicines at regular intervals.
  9. Ensure faster disposal expiry medicine.




  1. Avoid excess procurement of medicines. Overstocking is wastage.
  2. Avoid procurement of medicines with short expiry dates.
  3. Avoid local purchases at exorbitant rates on grounds of emergency.
  4. Don’t delay reimbursement cases as delay breeds corruption.
  5. Do not issue medical pass in routine manners.







  1. Ensure that the expenditure limits are sanctioned as per the limits prescribed by Model SOP to the Officers concerned. 
  2. All the Contract bills must bear the details of PAN and authorized approved NEFT details of the Contractor. 
  3. Ensure that the levy of GST with appropriate rates according to the nature of expenditure.
  4. Ensure the mandatory deductions at the prescribed rates like Income-Tax deduction, Labour Welfare Cess etc. 
  5. Ensure that deactivate password in IPAS if the employee gets retired/removed/ suspended/transferred etc. 
  6. Ensure that Accounts Inspection and Stock Verification are planned in advance and conducted as per the prescribed schedule. 




  1. Do not share the IPAS password allotted to an employee in order to execute the allotted works. 
  2. Do not pass the Imprest bill unless it is supported by bills/vouchers duly endorsed by the Officers concerned. 
  3. Do not pass the SD and EMD amount without the certificate issued by the Executive for the completion of work satisfactorily, duly collecting dues like SR ground rent, water charges etc. 
  4. Do not delay refund of EMD to the unsuccessful tenderers after the tender is finalized as per the guidelines.

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