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  1. Do ensure, the make and serial No. of electrical fittings / gadgets provided in Qrs. / Service buildings are maintained correctly ( Installation / History Register ).
  2. Do work out the average electrical consumption of different quarters individually, and in case very low consumption subsequently if any, the reasons for the same should be analysed and sorted out.
  3. Do ensure correct meter reading before billing the contractors & outsiders for temporary power connections.

4.       Do ensure handing-over / taking-over of electrical installations in quarters / service buildings is done correctly.

5.       Do ensure timely and prompt processing of bills for payment to the Contractors, State Elect. Boards, etc.

6.       Do ensure a complete reconciliation of all railway supplied materials i.e., materials used / installed and recorded in the Measurement books and those materials returned by the contractor as un-used.

7.       Do ensure refund of security deposit is only after completion of successful maintenance period.

8.       Electrical Contractor license validity to be ensured before execution of the work.

9.       Ensure the multiplication factor of CT coil ratio, if any, with electrical units recorded in a 3-ph KWH meter.

10.     Ensure proper sealing of Energy meters as per laid down practice.

11.     Ensure that complete work is conducted by the Contractor before passing the final bill.




1.       Do not prepare the estimates for any work without actual site inspection.

2.       Do not allow execution of work by Contractor without proper sanction and letter of acceptance.

3.       Do not issue excess quantity of railway materials / equipment to the contractor.

4.       Do not allow the contractor to deviate from the specification / agreemental conditions during execution of electrical works.

5.       Do not miss, to record the kilometers properly in measurement book for cable laying work to facilitate test checks at a later date.

6.       Do not accept the unused i.e., left over materials which are defective / damaged from the contractor.

7.       Do not accept the material of other brand / make specifications that are not covered in the work order.

8.       Do not indent electrical items which do not confirm to ISS specifications or bear ISI marks.

9.       Do not misuse departmental labour / transport for works being done by Contractor.

10.     Do not pass any bill of the contractor of supplies without ensuring proper inspection of materials and posting in DMTR.

11.     Do not allow a second contractor to start execution of a terminated work unless recording measurements & preparing completion plan for the work already executed by the previous contractor is completed. The measurements & completion plan should also be got signed by the new contractor as a token of acceptance.

12.     Do not spare the supervisors without proper handing over/ taking over. Insist on handing over notes.

13.     Do not increase / alter the standard number of electrical points and fittings in any type of quarter without competent authority's sanction.

14.     Do not charge electrical consumption on average basis for longer periods.

15.     Do not provide temporary connection to outsiders without depositing the necessary fee / charges with Railway.


Vendor Approval




  1. Process for registration as and when firm apply.
  2. Check properly the documents submitted by firm when apply for registration.
  3. Check QAP of the firm relevant to the item applied for approval
  4. Compare M&P (Machinery & Plant) list of the firm with STR (Schedule of Technical requirement) of the item.  If deficient, intimate to the firm without delay for its compliance.
  5. Check the availability of space of the firm with respect to product manufacturing intended for approval.
  6. Check other facilities like testing facility or tie-up with other firm for manufacture of the product.
  7. Check and compare the Capacity assessment report before processing for approval.
  8. Ensure raw-material testing report before prototype inspection of the item.
  9. Check ISO certificate, surveillance audit validity during recommendation of a firm.
  10. Expedite the vendor development process where approved suppliers is less than three.




  1. Don’t process for approval of Capacity assessment report, if any deficient M&P noticed or non availability of other facilities noticed during assessment of a firm.
  2. Don’t process for prototype approval of any item, if any tests as per specification pending with the firm.
  3. Don’t bypass any stage inspection for prototype approval.

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