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Central Stores Depot

Surplus items of CSD Depot
SrPL No.DescriptionStockUnitStock ValueLI-DTWD / DP
142085100FUSE LINK CARTRIDGE HRC440VOLT,160AMPS355Number3907631/May/195
242085342FUSE LINK CRTD 315AMPS 440V321Number6843807/Feb/195
342111195BALLAST FOR T-5LAMP28W1293Number27141901/Feb/195
442112059IGNT. FOR M.H.LAMP 70W1930Number12853008/Jan/195
542115103ELCTR.BALLAST FOR MH.LAMP250W305Number24338911/Jan/195
642115127ELETR. BALLAST MH LAMP 70W789Number29402113/Mar/195
742119017LAMP 70 WATT 240 V3670Number79689001/Feb/195
842119844IGNITOR FOR 250 WATT.284Number2030508/Jan/195
945154971TUNGSTEN FILAMENT ELECTRIC LAMP478Number282031/May/195
1070500782WHL GR TC 180X50X31.75MM8Number531507/Feb/195
1172081156DRILL T/S 2.2MM DIA52Number1769601/Nov/162
1272214946CARBIDE INSERT-N331-1A-145008132Number22978624/Jan/192
1376214771CARTIDGE HALF FACE MASK314Number16897906/Dec/185
1476218272NOZZLE COPPER CUTOZEN NO.2196Number5528601/Feb/195
1576219707ELECTRODE HOLDER 400 Amps365Number5851529/Mar/195
Inactive items of CSD Depot
SrPL No.DescriptionStockUnitStock ValueLI-DTWD / DP
140072162PVC insulated 2 core flat drop wire 0.91 mm15950Metre19301521/Feb/205
240072186PVC insulated copper conductor 4 core 1.5 sq.mm200Metre47725/Dec/195
340075266PVC insulated multicore alluminium cable2998Metre88830128/Jul/175
440123170PVC insulated 1 core copper conductor, 6 sq.mm12040Metre42092825/Jul/195
542020049BELL PUSH TYPE SWITCH 6 AMP,250VOLT3669Number2906510/Sep/195
642030869HOLDER UNIVERSAL BAYONET CAP714Number1131825/Jul/195
742085251FUSE CARTRIDGE HRC 200 AMPS95Number1408202/Jul/195
842115115ELETR. BALLAST MH LAMP150W192Number9732921/Aug/195
942119595ELECTRONIC BALLAST FOR 70WHPSV43Number1622921/Aug/195
1043010222TABULAR HEAT ELEMENT4LG1KW230V463Number18840220/Mar/185
1145145015MCB 10A, 240V7Number81825/Dec/195
1267015657SPARKING PLUG 14MM61Number215303/Jun/204
1372010769Blade Band Saw Size 25 mm width x 0.90mm19Number7473920/Sep/192
1472010770Blade Band Saw Size 32.0 mm width x 0.09mm8Number3784120/Sep/192
1572010782Blade Band Saw Size:- 6 mmx 6.6 mm x 1.6mm22Number2030420/Sep/192
1672081016DRILL TWIST TAPPER SHANK HSS TWO FLUTED 2.0MM DIA59Number3063314/Aug/172
1772081168Drill Twist Taper Shank HSS Two fluted 1.6mm Dia33Number2138606/Aug/192
1872091009TAP HAND M18X2.5P39Set6984220/Sep/192
1972213486INDEXABLE INSERT NO SPKN 1504221Number6307907/Aug/192
2072215069INSERT RDKN 1804 MOGR.TTR/TTMS310Number7404102/Aug/192
2172350027FILE FLAT BASTERED 150 MM1Number4516/Mar/202
2272350039FILE FLAT BASTERED 200 MM686Number3065119/Nov/192
2372350040FILE FLAT BASTERED 250 MM64Number298619/Nov/192
2472350179FILES FLAT SMOOTH 100MM(4INCH)48Number272419/Nov/192
2572350180FILE FLAT SMOOTH 150 MM51Number320419/Nov/192
2672350192FILE FLAT SMOOTH 200 MM363Number2349019/Nov/192
2772350209FILE FLAT SMOOTH 250 MM66Number599019/Nov/192
2872351123FILE HALF ROUND BASTERED 300mm62Number526819/Nov/192
2972351135FILE HALF ROUND BASTERED 350mm40Number1414819/Nov/192
3072351251FILE HALF ROUND SMOOTH 1507Number56119/Nov/192
3172351275FILE HALF ROUND SMOOTH 250,88Number1424119/Nov/192
3272351342FILE ROUND BASTERED 15023Number140419/Nov/192
3372351615FILE SQUARE BASTERED 300 MM7Number176612/Dec/192
3472351822FILE 3 SQUARE BASTERED 1504Number38612/Dec/192
3572981337Resinoid Sander Disc Aloxide-16640Number5856830/Oct/192
3676217516NOZZLE COPPER TY-A62Number583921/Aug/195
3783048595PAY BILLS PP FORMS 3PART351Thousand Nos.68811205/Jun/203

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