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All Active CPP Tender Information
DivisionDepartmentTender Ref. No.Tender Opening DateName Of Work
Railway Board Directorate Civil Engineering HQ/EN/WC/EDAM(EOI)/1/2022/9 Empanelment of eligible Consultants / Firms for undertaking consultancy services for Detailed Project Report (DPR) / Detailed Design Consultancy (DDC) including ROB for the Projects of Indian Railways.
Railway Board Directorate Civil Engineering HQ/EN/WC/EDAM(EOI)/2/2022/10 Empanelment of eligible consultants / Firms for undertaking consultancy services for the Project Management Consultancy Services for Indian Railway (IR) Projects.
Railway Board Directorate Works HQ/ENWC/EDAM/1/2022 06-05-2022 EOI (Open Ended) for Empanelment of Consultants for Indian Railways for the Consultancy Services for DPR/Detailed Designing/PMC Works.
CLWMaterial 75225004B 05-12-2022 Stainless Steel Hardware Items (Each loco set consists of 3 items):- i) Hex. Hd. Bolt M12X1.75X45 LG (10 Nos.), ii) Hex. Hd. Bolt M12X1.75X25 LG (08 Nos.) and iii) Hex. Nut M12X1.75P (10 Nos.).

CLWMaterial 75223713C 05-12-2022 High Tensile Transition C. B. Coupler Without Draft Gear as per RDSO Drg. No: - SKDL-3430 Alt-8 or Latest except item Nos. 18 to 20, 24 to 47 along with part Drg. No: - SK-62724 Alt-23 or Latest, SKDL - 2496 Alt-6 or Latest, SK- 69508 Alt-4 or Latest, SKDL-2494 Alt-17 or Latest and SKDL- 2495 Alt-12 or Latest as per RDSO Spec. No: - 56-BD-07 Amendment No: - 01 of Sept 2010 & with Amendment No: - 02 of Sept 2016.

CLWMaterial 83220896A 09-12-2022 Centre Rod for 20 Teeth & 21 Teeth Pinion Fitment of 3-Phase TM type 6FRA-6068 conforming to Drg. No. 4TJF.096.142.

CLWMaterial 75223869A 12-12-2022 FRP Under Panel of CAB for WAG-9HC Loco with Top Operated Handles at E-Type CBC. as per Drg.No. 1209-08.130-592, 1209-08.230-013 Alt.-2 and specn no.: CLW/MS/3/158 ( Each set is a loco set consisting of 02 nos).

CLWMaterial 21222775 14-12-2022 1. Steel Pipe IS:1239 (Part-1) 2004 (Medium) Size:32 NB x 3.2 Thk x 3.5 M Long specn: IS:1239 (Part-1) 2004 (Medium) 2. STEEL PIPE SEAMLESS NORMALIZED SIZE:25MM NB X 4.05 MM THKIS:1239 PT.1: 1990 specn: IS:1239 PT.1:1990 3. STEEL PIPE SEAMLESS NORMALIZED GR-HEAVY RANDOM LENGTH 6 TO 7 MTRS SIZE:32MM NBX4.05MM THKIS:1239 PT.1:1990 specn: IS:1239 PT.1:1990


CLWMaterial 91220394A 15-12-2022 Rotor Shaft [Rough Machined], Drg. No:- 3TWD.096.073 Alt-8 or Latest, Specn. No:- 4TMS.096.051 Rev-1 Alt-4 or Latest, STR No:- CLW/TM/STR/ 10100 Armature Shaft/Rotor Shaft [Rough Machined or Latest.

CLWMaterial 75224162A 16-12-2022 Top Operating Rods, Link & Hook for E-Type CBC for WAG-9HC LOCO. as per Drg.No. 1209-02 441-118, 1209-02 441-119, 1209-02 441-120, 1209-02 441-121, 1209-02 441-122, & 1209-02 441-123, (01 Set consisting of 06 (Six) items as per set details attached.).

CLWMaterial 75224103B 16-12-2022 ALUMINIUM SHEETS & PLATES for WAG-9HC Loco, CLWS SPECN.NO.CLW/MS/3/075 ALT- 6, (Consisting of 10 (ten) items as per set details attached).


CLWMaterial 34222644B 21-12-2022 CABLE CONDUIT Size 37.5X50H as per CLWS SPECN.NO.CLW/ES/3/0127/I

CLWMaterial 34222529A 21-12-2022 Blower for Oil Cooling Unit with Casing including 30 KW Motor for Oil Cooling Unit (Wound with Corona Resistance Wire) to RDSO Specification No. RDSO/2016/EL/SPEC/0123 Rev "0" or latest and Drawing No. RDSO/2016/SK-6/EL/SPEC/0123 & SPEC/E-10/3/09 (MOTOR) with Amendment Nos. 01 to 06 or latest.

CLWMaterial 21222720B 22-12-2022 M.S.PLATE, IS 2062:2011, GR-E-410, QUALITY - C KILLED NORMALIZED HEAT TREATED CONDITION. SIZE - a)Thickness 10 mm b) Width-1250 mm or1500mm or 1800 mm or 2000 mm c) Length - 5000 mm or 6300 mm or 9000 mm

CLWMaterial 75223878D 26-12-2022 Set of Miscellaneous Hardware Items (Electrical) for WAG-9HC locos as per Specn. No.CLW/ES/3/0187, Alt-M [each set consist of 30 items as per set details attached].

CLWMaterial 30222675 28-12-2022 Raw Petroleum coke specn: IS 439

CLWMaterial 34221008 02-01-2023 Fuse Auxiliary, 415/110V along with Base with Micro Switch as per CLW Drg./Specn. No.CLW/ES/3/0092/D

CLWMaterial 34222662B 03-01-2023 1. SET OF CABLE LUG FOR Panel Section of WAG-9 to Specn. No. CLW/ES/3/0130/N (Scope of supply shall be as per Category no. P/2/0036 to P/84/0036 & P/94/0036 as on the date of tender opening available on CLWs website as per category amendment No. E184,dtd:25.08.2022 and category amendment No. E188, dtd. 19.10.2022 ). 2. SET OF CABLE LUG FOR LOCO FOR WAG-9 AS PER Specn. No. CLW/ES/3/0130/N (Scope of supply shall be as per Category no. P/85/0036 to P/66/0036 as on the date of tender opening available on CLWs website as per category amendment No. E184, dtd:25.08.2022).

CLWMaterial 30222545A 04-01-2023 Dextrine yellow as per CLW spec no. SF/SPEC/DEXTRINE REV -3 [ Warranty Period: 30 Months after the date of delivery

CLWMaterial 30222571 06-01-2023 High Silica sand as per Specn. No. SF/SPEC/High Silica Sand, Rev.7, dated 17/07/2014

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