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1.          Weeding out of Dead/Inactive Sources from Approved List

 Arising out of investigation of South Eastern Railways, it was established that a firm submitted a fake authorization of a CLW’s approved firm, which was found to be actually not in operation. As a result CVC have endorsed system improvement recommended by Board Vigilance that CLW should evolve a system of weeding out dead sources from its approved source.  Accordingly, executive (CEE) was advised and in turn, instruction  has been  issued to identify dead/inactive sources on the basis of non-participation in past three tenders and initiate process for de-listing of such sources.  Also it has been instructed to verify the genuineness of authorization in case the firms are participating through their authorized dealer. 


2.         Monitoring of cumulative value of bills passed vis a vis the agreemental value of the contract

            During investigation of a case, it has been revealed that a Contract for comprehensive annual maintenance contract for sand conveying system and two nos. Dust collecting system and 03 nos. core sand mixer has been entered into with a firm..  The value of contract as per the agreement is Rs. 76,64,134/ per annum for two years inclusive of all taxes.  Period of contract is two years from 14/11/13 to 13/11/15.  The tender was finalised on open tender basis. Besides as per a clause in the Special Condition of Contract the firm is required to supply the replaceable material on chargeable basis.  Against this Contract Agreement till date Rs. 1,27,84,288/  inclusive of taxes had been paid to firm against per month AMC charges and Rs. 57,42,218/  had been paid against the supply of spares. Thus, the total value of bills i.e. AMC charges and spares is Rs. 1,85,26,446/. 


It is observed the Contract Agreement does not indicate a firm agreemental value.  Even if the agreemental value in this case is considered to be per annum rate multiplied by validity of contract, the agreemental value comes to Rs. 1,53,28,268/.  Thus the amount of bills passed against this contract has exceeded the agreemental value.  However no sanction of Competent Authority for exceeding the agreemental value has been taken. To prevent such occurrence the following system improvement has been advised:-

a)           While passing the bill of a running contract, cumulative value of bills passed so far against a Contract Agreement/PO must be shown on the bill/Contract certificate.  In no case bills beyond agreemental value should be passed without approval of CA.

b)           If payments are made for spares against a Contract Agreement, the same should also add up in the cumulative bills passed so far against the said Contract Agreement.

c)           Mechanism should be evolved so that the rates quoted against spares are counted for determining inter-se-ranking at the time of tender finalization.

d)           Separate provision for the amount to be incurred towards spares should be made in the agreement.


3.   Cross checking of the weighment of DA gas cylinders by a Gazetted Officer

      The weight of DA gas cylinder at the time of receipt and the weight at the time of return are recorded and the payment to the supplier is made on the basis of difference of the two, which gives the weight of actual gas consumed. In a  preventive check it was found that against 01 lot of delivery, 200kg of gas was accounted in excess against a lot of 139 cylinders.   This resulted in an excess payment of Rs. 36,026/- to the supplier and corresponding loss to Railways. Thus the record of weighments of DA gas cylinders were not being maintained properly. The following system improvement has been advised:- 

“The weight of DA gas cylinders as recorded at the time of receipt and return should be maintained in a nominated register or numbered formats duly signed by the witnessing officials/firm’s representative. The gate pass should be signed by officers only after cross verifying the weight of cylinders on sample basis.”     


      4.   Procurement from BIS approved sources

            During a preventive check, it was found that a material procured as per BIS standard failed in all test parameters, when tested at NTH. This material was procured from a source which was not a BIS licensee.  In view of the above, the following System Improvement has been advised. 

“Procurement of items as per BIS Standards should be from BIS approved firms, wherever such firm exists.  The same should be included in the eligibility criteria of the tender document.  Also on sample basis, the items post delivery should be sent to Government labs or NABL approved lab for checking conformity of the product with the given BIS standard.”


5.   Monitoring of vacation of quarters by the employees whose name has been struck off from roll.


During a preventive check, it has been revealed that an employee occupied two railway quarters simultaneously.  The employee was removed from service in the year 1997, but did not vacate the said railway quarters.  Subsequently the staff got fresh appointment and again applied for a railway quarters, concealing the fact of possession of a railway quarters from the previous appointment.  A second railway quarters was allotted and occupied by the staff and no effort was made to get the earlier quarter vacated and also electricity and water connection was maintained at the said quarter, without recovery of the bills. To avoid such recurrence the following system improvement has been suggested


“SSE/W of concerned area are the custodian of Railway quarters. They receive the office orders for Railway employees’ retirement/struck off  name. On receipt of such Office Orders SSE/W should monitor that the concerned quarters get vacated if the employee has not obtained extension. If any of the Railway employee continues to occupy the quarter unauthorisedly, SSE/W should submit list of such quarters on monthly basis for further necessary action.

Also when the occupant’s name does not exist in the given form for charging electricity i.e. B003, and  SSE(Elect) is unable to charge electricity  bill in respect of a quarter, the SSE(Elect) should give notice for disconnection of electricity to the occupant of the quarters, giving reasonable time to get their name incorporated in the given form, failing to do so, the electricity should be disconnected and Pool officer of the said quarter/Establishment section and SSE/ Engineering Department should be communicated accordingly.”

6.         Verification of the identity of the nominee for family pension


During a preventive check of pension records, it was noticed that a Gr-C workshop staff on superannuation from the Rly service in the year 2014 furnished the name of his daughter in law as his wife in the pension forms submitted by him.  His wife had expired in the year 2006 and death certificate submitted by the said staff is available on records. The PPO was issued incorporating the name of his daughter in law as wife without verifying the decleration of the retiree.


Also in this case, the date of birth of so called wife was accepted on the basis of her affidavit rather than a valid proof of date of birth, like birth registration certificate, secondary certificate, PAN card, Voter card, etc.  Therefore, the following system improvement is advised.


  “After the death of first wife of a railway employee, a new name should be included only after the employee submits proof of remarriage and also for ascertaining identity of the nominee, a valid document as laid down in Rly board no. RBE 169/2010 should be insisted.  Also in case of any change in family particulars, documents should be meticulously checked at the time of issue of Pension Payment Order.”


Source : Welcome to CLW Official Website ! CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-12-2015  

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